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fake news & trump's first year


Saturday marks the end of Trump’s first year in office. Without a doubt, he and his staff have made this year a stressful and scary one for most of us. His overt racism, sexism, and general xenophobia have most of us feeling some combination of embarrassed, disrespected, and even unsafe. His fumbling attempts at diplomacy have put Americans on edge, thinking that at any moment, we might make a new enemy. His shady Russian schemes, continued illegal business ties, and now his affair have forced us to come to grips with the fact that our President is basically a poorly-written, destined-to-lose supervillain. And that's all before you get into his politics. 

The thing that scares me most though, is that that his white house and our news media and their partisan ties, are peddling stress and divisiveness. they're blinding our ability to have a common conversation about decency and American values. They're leaving us without room for empathy, nuance, listening, or compromise. When that happens, we, the public, lose - and the lobbyists politicians get to decide what we do and don’t believe as a nation, and instead of the other way around.

This song is intended to be a conversation-starter around all of that. It’s a mourn-a-bration of Trump’s first year in office and a plea for all of us to stop running around like chickens with our heads cut off, and think more about how we can help each other, embrace our differences, and demand respectability from our elected officials. Thanks for reading and enjoy the track anywhere you stream music!